Sunday, September 19, 2010

Getting Started with Fertility Awareness - East Coast & West Coast Events

I'm happy to share with you two upcoming events that are for people who are not already practicing Fertility Awareness. One of the events, in NYC, is an introduction (vs. a complete workshop), so that people can learn more about Fertility Awareness and decide if it is something that they would like to pursue in more depth. The other event, in San Francisco, is a complete workshop. If you have friends or family members who have expressed interest in Fertility Awareness, these events are great opportunities to get them started.

New York City:
The Traditional Nutrition Guild Parents' Group presents "Fertility Awareness for Natural Birth Control: An Introduction and Panel Discussion." Of course the discussion will touch on all aspects of Fertility Awareness, not just birth control. Attendees should be aware that the presenting organization is affiliated with the Weston A. Price Foundation, which strongly supports Fertility Awareness, but which is a separate practice. Discounted copies of The Garden Of Fertility will be available for purchase. Please try to purchase tickets in advance!
9/26/10, Kula Yoga (28 Warren Street, 4th floor), Tribeca Parenting (46 Warren Street),
2:00PM -5:00PM, $30-$60 ticket range.
Tickets and full information, including contact info, here:

San Francisco:
My West Coast colleague Sarah Bly is planning to teach a workshop in SF, with the help of local organizer Vanessa Alabarces. The 6 hour workshop will provide all the basic instruction necessary to get started with practicing Fertility Awareness. A followup session, which is critical for effective practice of the method, is included in the cost of instruction. 
10/23 & 10/24, 9AM to 1PM
Individual $110, Couple $130
For more info & to sign up:
541.821.2522 (Sarah, PST)
415.483.6202 (Vanessa, PST)

I'm always thrilled to get feedback about these events, so please let me know if you or a friend attends one.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Good Article On Miscarriage

This sensitively written piece from the British paper The Guardian touches on a lot of important points, including how miscarriage is extremely common, but hardly ever discussed, and the important differences between "sporadic" and "recurrent" miscarriages.  I tell my students that miscarriage happens all the time in perfectly healthy, fertile women - perhaps in up to 50% of all conceptions - and that they, as charters, will be more likely to notice early miscarriages than people who aren't as aware of their cycles. Most importantly, I tell them that miscarriages, while horribly difficult to bear, usually mean nothing in terms of a woman's overall fertility. Only a very small percentage of women will have repeated miscarriages. If you have had a miscarriage, or more than one, I encourage you to talk about it and to get support if you want it. Your friends, your family, perhaps even your partner may not understand your feelings, and may be uncomfortable with the topic, but the more we talk about it, the less taboo this topic will become.

Miscarriage: A Mother's Last Taboo