Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Free Teleclass on Prenatal Testing with Ayelet Schwell

On April 5th, my friend/student/colleague (and pregnant mama) Ayelet Schwell will be offering a FREE teleclass on prenatal testing & screening to help you make informed decisions during your pregnancy (now or in future).

From Ayelet's blog:

In this call you will get:

* an overview of the pre-natal tests that are offered and their purposes
* risks vs. benefits for various tests
* a description of patient rights in the US
* and a special invitation to have access to an exclusive program that will open up the information of pregnancy and birth in a way that has never been available before!

If you want to participate but aren't available at 8PM that night, go ahead and register anyway as you will receive an MP3 of the class the next day, as well as a PDF of the info covered. Here's where to sign up.  And fyi, here is Ayelet's blog.

And here is Ayelet!

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