Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Reflections on the 50th Anniversary of the Pill

There are lots of pieces like this in the media right now, so I'm not going to post a ton of links - just do a search if you're interested. But I sent one link to blog subscribers, and someone asked me to post it on the blog proper. So here is that one plus a couple more:

First, a link to a CNN feature in which various people (writers, commentators, politicians, etc) talk about the significance of the Pill. Note stupid, uninformed comment about Fertility Awareness by Sara Benincasa:   CNN on Pill

Similar piece in Time Magazine:   Time on Pill

Rather different piece on Alternet re Pill's effect on population and water supply: Alternet on Pill and water
And if you missed the piece that "Need to Know" did end up airing, which was exclusively about the Pill, you can either watch it during the "full episode" video, on this page, and/or you can watch an extended interview with Erica Jong ("The Pill, Then and Now"), only part of which aired during the show, also on this page. If you're watching the whole episode, the Pill segment starts just before 43 minutes: "Need to Know" on Pill

Enough about the damn Pill! Next post will definitely be about something else. 


Coryazy said...

I thought Sara Benincasa's entry was very interesting and entertaining.

Melissa King said...

Argh! I checked out the CNN piece and many of the contributors comments were painful for me to read. The pill brought me disconnection with my body and the disempowerment that came with leaving my cycle and my health up to doctors and pharmaceutical companies. Fertility Awareness brought me connection with my body, greater intimacy with my partner, and more self-confidence. I feel amazed by my body's power to create and my ability to know its signals so that I can prevent or choose pregnancy. Now that's something to celebrate!