Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ilene Now Teaching At Om Wellness

OmWellness is a new-ish facility on the west side of Manhattan offering a variety of health and wellness services. Foremost amongst these services is an intensive Holistic Nutrition Training Program. The directors, Tatiana Forera Puerta and Adam Elenbaas, are multi-talented, smart, enthusiastic people with whom I have been happy to work since the beginning of this year.  

As per their website, the training program is ideal for individuals who are interested in deepening their connection to food and nutrition while simultaneously studying a variety of holistic health modalities. Classes are held at their facility and include lectures, workshops, hands-on experiments, group and individual work. The primary topic is food theory and practice, including Ayurveda, macrobiotics, raw foods, veganism, whole foods, and food politics. And of course they consider the role of diet and lifestyle in sickness and disease prevention/treatment. Students enjoy small class sizes, lively discussions, unlimited yoga for the duration of the program, one-on-one health counseling, informative seminars, meditation, and hands-on work with doctors, chefs, and alternative health practitioners. Both weeknight and weekend programs are available. Graduates receive certification from both OmWellness as well as the American Association for Drugless Practitioners. 

Tatiana is passionate about Fertility Awareness, and wanted to make sure that her students were exposed to it as part of their training. Thus I was invited to teach there. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to reach future health care providers, and to provide the link to fertility & reproductive health that is so often missed when people embark on a more "natural" lifestyle.

If you are interested in participating in a training program at OmWellness, note that the next programs are coming up soon (at the end of August). Although it's not on their website, I believe that you can get a $250 discount if you sign up by 8/20/10. Of course they also offer a variety of other services, including yoga, nutrition counseling, cooking lessons, etc, so check it out, especially if you live in NYC:

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