Saturday, April 2, 2011

Orgasm, Inc. Also Heads Up re Upcoming Event.

Have you seen Orgasm Inc. yet? It's still playing around the US and Canada, and of course it's available on Netflix. This funny, insightful documentary is about the medicalization of female sexuality, and the enormous profits to be made at the expense of women's health. Filmmaker Liz Canner centers her film on the race to develop and market a drug to treat something which is essentially a made-up disease, "Female Sexual Dysfunction,"  and explores the range of what one reviewer called "the commodification of women's pleasure centers," including the relatively new and extremely lucrative field of vaginoplasty. (Grrrr...) You can read more about the film and find a list of "playdates" here.

Unrelated but important heads up!
The Fertility Awareness Center will be having a public event on Sunday, 5/1, in the afternoon, in Brooklyn. There will be an intro to Fertility Awareness (for those who are interested in, but not yet practicing FA), and presentations by two artists whose work is sure to provoke conversation. More information coming soon. Tell your friends! Save the date!


shmemily said...

Hey there, I was in your FAM class a few years back and I still use and love it! I wrote about this very topic last fall, when they were introducing a new "female Viagra," which ultimately was rejected by the FDA. My article is called Female Trouble: The Problematizing of Female Sexuality. Check it out here:


Fertility Awareness Center said...

Thanks for sharing the article, Emily! Good to hear from you.

lynn said...

Hello. I went to your website, but it's not clear to me where abouts in NY you are. Are you in the city or in Brooklyn?

Fertility Awareness Center said...

Hi Lynn. If you were to schedule an in-person consultation with me, it would be in Manhattan. The event mentioned here will be in Brooklyn. I work with people who live all over the US and Canada (and sometimes elsewhere) by phone and by Skype. If you have additional questions, please email me, or fill out an inquiry form on my website. Thanks. Hope to see you on May 1.